STOP elder abuse in care facilities – TIPS & SIGNS

World Health Organization (WHO) statistics show institutional elder abuse is far more prevalent than in the person’s own home setting (aka community)


Prevalence – Community dwelling Seniors

Population-based studies suggest that
between 4% and 6% of community dwelling
elderly people have experienced
some form of abuse (WHO 2002b).

Prevalence – Institutions

In a US survey, 36 % of nursing home
staff reported having witnessed at least
one incident of physical abuse of an
elderly patient in the previous year, 10 %
admitted having committed at least one
act of physical abuse themselves, and
40% said that they had psychologically
abused patients (WHO, 2002b)

Read Complete Presentation:  2010-11-09 World Health Organization institutional elder abuse stats


We can do many things to stop elder abuse in nursing homes and other care facilities:

  • Make sure facilities are proper staffed. One staff for ten elderly clients is abuse waiting to happen. This includes home care services.
  • Consider that one person cannot healthfully care for an elderly individual for long-periods of time. Look into home nursing help, hospice services, or having other family member come and help.
  • Look for good civic support from all levels of government.
  • Make sure that there is good coordination between law enforcement, care facilities, senior advocates, and adult protective services.
  • Learn more about the process. Support and create further educational opportunities for people who work with the elderly population.
  • Review abuse laws. Laws are in place at both state/provincial and national levels.
  • This includes abuse registry for perpetrators.  (more…)

Granny Snatching – growing menace in North America

Granny Snatching is an insidious menace creeping across North America from which no one is safe.

This shocking disregard of the law and the rights of individuals is a fast-growing trend both in Canada and in the United States.

Find out how to protect yourself or a loved one from the courts, over-zealous agencies and family members with designs on an elderly family member’s health, wealth and freedom.

Granny Snatching - Elder Abuse WEBSITE:

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