World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

heartsShow the world that you care about ENDING ELDER ABUSE AND NEGLECT

On JUNE 15th, 2011

Wear PURPLE to honor our elders


Elderly persons who are suffering abuse or have suffered abuse deserve our attention, our protection and our respect.

There is no excuse for anyone abusing and harming our elders — no excuse for family members, for medical practitioners and health care providers, for nursing home administrators, for pharmaceutical companies, for public agencies or private corporations, for lawyers or the legal system. No excuse for anyone or for any act of abuse.

Our legislators must be persuaded to enact laws with sufficient powers to prevent, stop and punish acts of elder abuse – by anyone – and they must compel public agencies and authorities to uphold those laws. We must respect, revere and cherish our beloved elder generations. Do unto others…

WEAAD sponsored by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

Fighting Forced Institutionalization –– Kathleen Palamarek

Kathleen in January 2011

Kathleen - January 2011

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Kathleen Palamarek, an 88-year-old widow of a WW II veteran who became an international symbol of the fight to prevent forced institutionalization of the elderly, died Wednesday, May 4, one day after a Canadian judge ruled that she must remain confined indefinitely to Broadmead Lodge, a nursing home that is under investigation for the suspected narcotic poisoning of Mrs. Palamarek in February 2011.  Read Kathleen’s story in these articles:

And watch this YouTube video produced just 10 days before her death, showing Kathleen Palamarek to be a vibrant person who should never have been confined to an institution.

Visits with Kathleen April 2011


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