UPDATE – Jean Wilder still unlawfully detained in care facility


As reported on April 26, 2012, Jean Wilder is still being held unlawfully in an Invermere, BC care facility but letters sent by the public to government officials are beginning to have an effect.  That – and perhaps the approach of Mother’s Day this past weekend? – caused the care facility and Interior Health Authority to soften some of their earlier decisions:

  • Jean Wilder’s daughter Trina is now allowed to visit her mother without a guard present (no reasons have been given for this change).
  • Trina Wilder is also now allowed to enter Jean Wilder’s room (again, no reason given).
  • This weekend, Jean’s son and daughter-in-law, who live in BC’s Lower Mainland and only see Jean infrequently, were also permitted to visit Jean.

BUT Jean Wilder’s legal and human rights are still being ignored by the government.

Despite repeated requests by Trina Wilder and others, the care facility and Interior Health Authority refuse to permit anyone else to visit Jean — not her husband Curtis Wilder, not Marc Normand the person who holds Jean’s power of attorney, nor any friends. And, Jean Wilder is still not permitted to see a lawyer.

No reasons are given for the banning of everyone else who knows or is affiliated with Jean.

Also, son Tim Wilder and his wife Amy were told by staff that they were permitted to take Jean outside to enjoy the weather. However, when Jean, Tim and Amy went to sit outside in the care facility’s central courtyard, another staff member approached them and said that Jean is “not allowed to leave her (locked) ward”. No reason was given for this order, or for the discrepancy between what various staff members said.

For the past six weeks, the care facility and health authority have denied Jean Wilder the right to come and go from the facility, again providing no explanation.

Not exactly the happy Mother’s Day Jean Wilder might have hoped for.


Public Guardian – cited for fraud, abuse of seniors – asks for accounting of Jean Wilder estate despite holding her with no legal authority

Public exposure of Jean Wilder’s case, and letters from the public, are apparently having an effect on the Public Guardian & Trustee (PGT) too.

It seems that the PGT has now recognized Marc Normand’s Power of Attorney for Jean Wilder. On April 26, 2012 the PGT sent a letter to Marc Normand requesting that, as Jean Wilder’s Power of Attorney, he provide the PGT with an accounting of her finances.

Despite being given only one week from the time he received their letter to provide the accounting, Marc Normand sent a letter to the PGT complying with their request.

However, the PGT continues to ignore the illegality of the detention of Jean Wilder by the Interior Health Authority.

The PGT also makes unsubstantiated allegations by unspecified parties about Mr. Normand, claiming that the PGT “has been advised of concerns related to your management of Jean Wilder’s affairs.” In Mr. Normand’s reply to the PGT, he requested that they provide him with an explanation and substantiation of these allegations.

Jean Wilder is still being held by the care facility and Interior Health, without due process and against the laws of BC, and with the full knowledge and apparent approval of the Public Guardian and Trustee.


Note:  Seniors at Risk published an article about other stories in which the Public Guardian’s office has acted unlawfully and with extreme disregard for seniors rights and well-being:

Public Guardian cited for fraud, abuse of seniors   There are many similarities between the issues raised in these other stories and what is being experienced by Jean Wilder and her family.

Thanks to many website readers for forwarding those story links to Seniors at Risk. We couldn’t publish all of the stories we received at this time, but we will be keeping them on file for future investigation and exposure.


More to come very soon… including what you can do to help prevent institutional elder abuse.

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