Jean Wilder still being held unlawfully, PGT applies to seize control of her assets


Jean Wilder of Invermere, B.C. is still being held unlawfully by the Interior Health Authority, with the full knowledge and apparent approval of the Public Guardian and Trustee of B.C.

No information has been provided to the family, despite repeated requests, about why she is still being held against her will more than three months after she was suddenly confined to Columbia House care facility and her family and friends were banned from visiting.

In our last report on Jean Wilder‘s family’s efforts to protect Jean and her rights, Marc Normand, Jean’s designated power of attorney, had just submitted the accounts for the two months he has been acting as her POA to the Public Guardian and Trustee’s office, as they had demanded.

In his submission to the PGT of the accounting statements, Marc Normand  asked the PGT for information about the unsubstantiated non-specific allegations made about him by the PGT in a “referral”, and requested information that would confirm the legal status of Jean Wilder, who the family views as being held unlawfully and without cause.

To this day, the PGT has apparently not provided one iota of evidence to Marc Normand that he has acted improperly in managing Jean Wilder’s assets. The PGT alleges that someone has accused him of something in a “referral”, but no one from the PGT has provided any substance to confirm, or information about, the “referral” allegations.

Public Guardian misleads Wilder family

The PGT had given Marc Normand to May 10, 2012, a discourteous and unreasonable deadline (one week) to submit the accounting, but he did manage to comply with that deadline.

Then, on May 17th, Marc Normand received a stunning letter in the mail. In the PGT’s response, Launa Monette, a Regional Consultant in the PGT’s Kelowna office, states:

“I have completed my assessment and have determined that our office will be taking steps to apply as Jean Wilder’s Committee of Estate in order to assist with the management of Jean Wilder’s financial and legal affairs. Thank you for the assistance you have provided. … “

With that, the PGT signaled that they will be seeking to declare Jean Yukiko Wilder incapable, and to seize control of her assets. And what is to be made of the threat to manage not just her money but also her “legal affairs“? This is no idle threat;  approval of a PGT application for committeeship is normally just a formality in the B.C. Supreme Court.

It appears, however, that the Public Guardian and Trustee of B.C. has attempted to mislead Mr. Normand and the Wilder family by claiming to have assessed the accounting statements they did not yet have.

Launa Monette’s letter was dated May 10, 2012, the same day the accounts were due. The PGT could not possibly have reviewed the accounting statements as Monette claims she did – because the PGT had not even received the records yet.

Marc Normand delivered his letter and accounts by email at the end of the day on Thursday, May 10th, just before the PGT office closed. He immediately received an autoreply email from Monette that said she was out of the office and would not be back until Monday, May 14th. A few minutes later, Mr. Normand telephoned Ms. Monette’s office and was told that Ms. Monette had already left for the day and would not be back until the following Monday.

The response from the PGT also suggests that the Public Guardian and Trustee’s office had already decided not to accept Marc Normand’s set of accounts, regardless of what they contained, and that the PGT had already decided to seize control of Jean Wilder – irrespective of whether her finances were being properly managed.

The language chosen by Launa Monette appears to be designed to further mislead the Wilder family. She states that the PGT will be applying to become Jean Wilder’s Committee of Estate in order to “assist with the management of Jean Wilder’s financial and legal affairs”.

Who, precisely, will they be assisting? A Committee, by definition, is the person in charge, the person who makes the decisions, not someone who “assists”.

Family sends PGT formal notice objecting to take-over of Jean Wilder’s estate

On May 23, 2012 Jean’s daughter Trina Wilder, husband Curtis Wilder and POA Marc Normand sent a letter to the Public Guardian and Trustee of B.C. formally objecting to the PGT’s intention to apply for Committeeship of Jean Wilder’s estate.

In their letter the family pleads for information, and expresses the impact of bureaucratic “bullying”:

“The Public Guardian and Trustee and the Interior Health Authority have done quite enough already to destroy her quality of life and well-being, and to disrupt our interactions with Jean.
We oppose your actions. We will take whatever steps we can to stop these bullying and deceptive practices so that we can prevent further harm to Jean and our family.”

Over a week later, there had still been no response from Monette or anyone in the Public Guardian and Trustee’s office.


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  1. I have had similar experiences with the PGT. In my case they asked for 4 different sets of accounts, but never responded to any of them. In one case they stated they did not understand the accounting, but then asked for it to be updated. Why do you ask for an update something you do not understand??They were offered the opportunity to sit down and have the accounts explained, but they were not interested in doing that.

    Reform is needed at the PGT

    Comment by Gerry — June 11, 2012 @ 2:45 pm

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