Jean Wilder case in court today


Despite the efforts of Jean Wilder’s family and friends, and a letter-writing campaign by the public earlier this year, this 61-year-old woman is still being held in an Interior Health Authority (IHA) hospital with no apparent justifiable reason or legal authority.


In February 2012 Jean Wilder was transferred from the Invermere & District Hospital’s acute care department to an extended care unit (ECU) to recover from complications following surgery a month earlier. When Jean and her family raised concerns about the care she was receiving at the ECU, hospital staff suddenly detained Jean against her will, banned her family and friends, and refused to allow Jean to see a lawyer. See previously published stories.

Now, nine months later, Jean Wilder is still being held without any due process. The IHA has not provided Jean Wilder’s family with any information about why, or under what legislation, she is being forcibly detained without her consent. The Interior Health Authority also appears to be making all health care decisions for Jean Wilder, even though they have no lawful right to do this.

Jean Wilder’s voice and rights to her own life and liberty, now long ignored, will likely be completely snuffed out this week.

On December 12, 2012, a court in New Westminster, B.C., 800 kilometres and a 9 hour drive from Invermere, BC, will take 5 minutes to hear the case to declare Jean Wilder legally incapable.

Why and how did this happen?  The short answer is that she became an unwilling victim of elder abuse by the Interior Health Authority and the Public Guardian and Trustee. After Jean Wilder’s family and friends raised concerns about Jean’s care, hospital staff reported them to the B.C. Public Guardian & Trustee’s office (the PGT). From that moment (more…)

Jean Wilder still being held unlawfully, PGT applies to seize control of her assets


Jean Wilder of Invermere, B.C. is still being held unlawfully by the Interior Health Authority, with the full knowledge and apparent approval of the Public Guardian and Trustee of B.C.

No information has been provided to the family, despite repeated requests, about why she is still being held against her will more than three months after she was suddenly confined to Columbia House care facility and her family and friends were banned from visiting.

In our last report on Jean Wilder‘s family’s efforts to protect Jean and her rights, Marc Normand, Jean’s designated power of attorney, had just submitted the accounts for the two months he has been acting as her POA to the Public Guardian and Trustee’s office, as they had demanded.

In his submission to the PGT of the accounting statements, Marc Normand  asked the PGT for information about the unsubstantiated non-specific allegations made about him by the PGT in a “referral”, and requested information that would confirm the legal status of Jean Wilder, who the family views as being held unlawfully and without cause.

To this day, the PGT has apparently not provided one iota of evidence to Marc Normand that he has acted improperly in managing Jean Wilder’s assets. The PGT alleges that someone has accused him of something in a “referral”, but no one from the PGT has provided any substance to confirm, or information about, the “referral” allegations.

Public Guardian misleads Wilder family

The PGT had given Marc Normand to May 10, 2012, a discourteous and unreasonable deadline (one week) to submit the accounting, but he did manage to comply with that deadline.

Then, on May 17th, Marc Normand received a stunning letter in the mail. In the PGT’s response, Launa Monette, a Regional Consultant in the PGT’s Kelowna office, states:

“I have completed my assessment and (more…)

UPDATE – Jean Wilder still unlawfully detained in care facility


As reported on April 26, 2012, Jean Wilder is still being held unlawfully in an Invermere, BC care facility but letters sent by the public to government officials are beginning to have an effect.  That – and perhaps the approach of Mother’s Day this past weekend? – caused the care facility and Interior Health Authority to soften some of their earlier decisions:

  • Jean Wilder’s daughter Trina is now allowed to visit her mother without a guard present (no reasons have been given for this change).
  • Trina Wilder is also now allowed to enter Jean Wilder’s room (again, no reason given).
  • This weekend, Jean’s son and daughter-in-law, who live in BC’s Lower Mainland and only see Jean infrequently, were also permitted to visit Jean.

BUT Jean Wilder’s legal and human rights are still being ignored by the government.

Despite repeated requests by Trina Wilder and others, the care facility and Interior Health Authority refuse to permit anyone else to visit Jean — not her husband Curtis Wilder, not Marc Normand the person who holds Jean’s power of attorney, nor any friends. And, Jean Wilder is still not permitted to see a lawyer.

No reasons are given for (more…)

ALERT: BC Premier says she doesn’t know about Public Guardian misconduct


Yesterday BC Premier Christy Clark responded to a caller’s question about the Public Guardian & Trustee on CBC Radio’s province-wide BC Almanac show:


CALLER JOANNE from Cowichan asked, “When is the government going to conduct a forensic, financial and policy review of the Public Guardian and Trustee?”


PREMIER CLARK responded:  “Hmmm. That’s not a question I’ve given a lot of thought to in the past… I haven’t been in receipt of a lot of complaints about the way the Public Trustee has worked.”

[to listen to the complete call-in show podcast, see link below]

Premier Clark’s response is misleading in the extreme.

She and the government have received scores of complaints from the public about blatant misconduct by the Office of the Public Guardian & Trustee.

Even the B.C. Ombudsperson, in a recent report to the entire legislature, rebuked the Public Guardian, saying that the Office of the Ombudsperson “began to investigate (the PGT) after complaints about how the province’s Public Guardian and Trustee had taken over the legal and financial affairs of thousands of people,” resulting in a report, “No Longer Your Decision,” provided to the Premier’s office in February 2013.

Seniors at Risk routinely receives complaints from people across British Columbia about the PGT. The documents provided to us reveal systemic wrong-doing, and shockingly abusive and negligent treatment of BC citizens by the Public Guardian & Trustee. These abuses of legal and human rights have been happening for years, and the B.C. government has been made aware of them, but apparently not Premier Christy Clark. Perhaps it is time the Premier was briefed.

Premier Clark concluded her response to the caller by saying:

“If you have some real concerns about that, can I ask you to send it to me so I can have a look at it and I’ll get back to you directly about it.”

Accept Premier Clark’s invitation!

Give the Premier an opportunity to learn more about the misconduct of the Public Guardian and Trustee. Let her know if you have had, or are having, a bad experience with the PGT, or if you know of others who have. Everyone should be concerned. These are our taxpayer dollars being spent, not to help, but to intimidate and harm B.C. citizens.



Premier Christy Clark
Victoria, BC 
V8W 9E1

Or EMAIL your concerns to the manager of the Correspondence Branch of the Premier’s office at:

And please SEND A COPY of your letter or email to Seniors at Risk:

Seniors at Risk will help ensure that the government doesn’t ignore your complaint – or the magnitude of the systemic abuse of citizens’ rights, freedoms and assets by the Public Guardian and Trustee.


2013-05-02 CBC call-in show Christy Clark-PGT podcast clip

Listen to the entire call-in show podcast here:

Scroll down the page on the right hand side to find the link to the show’s podcasts.

Then, scroll down the Featured Audio list to find Christy Clark takes questions on BC Almanac.

Caller Joanne’s question is near the end of the show, at about the 17:20 mark.



Here are just a few of stories that support the radio show caller’s plea to Premier Clark for (more…)

Elder Abuse Awareness Day – June 15

ON THIS DAY WE REMEMBER AND HONOUR these nine people and all other seniors who have suffered, or are still suffering, abuse of their legal and human rights in British Columbia’s health care system, and elsewhere.






Please take a few minutes to learn about and to share their stories with other people.


DOLORES Brent, Trail, B.C.


GARY Davis, Langley, B.C.


ROLAND Hunter, Vancouver, B.C.


ERNA Luttmer, Vancouver, B.C.


ELDON Mooney, North Vancouver, B.C.


KATHLEEN Palamarek, Victoria, B.C.


HILDA Penner, Abbottsford, B.C.


STEPHEN Piccolo, Kamloops, B.C.


JEAN Wilder, Invermere, B.C.




World Elder Abuse Awareness Day –


Help STOP institutional elder abuse – write your elected representatives, voice your concerns online, let others know what’s happening, or… take whatever steps you think will help make a difference to protect seniors’ legal and human rights from abuse by Canadian health care institutions and public agencies.

The Coalition to Support SENIORS AT RISK


B.C. health care facilities ban families, intimidate visitors with police presence

Two more incidents this week reveal a disturbing and growing trend by health care facilities and health care authorities in British Columbia to intimidate and bully visitors.

Examples of health care facility staff banning family members and using police to intimidate visitors also feature prominently in the story of Jean Wilder of Invermere, B.C., first reported by Seniors at Risk on April 26, 2012 (see update at end of this posting).


Victoria General Hospital bans mother from seeing son

May 31, 2012:  Times-Colonist, Victoria, BC

A 73-year-old mother who traveled to Victoria from South Africa to care for her seriously ill son has been banned from Victoria General Hospital after she says she tapped a nurse on the head to get her attention.
Shirley Spence, originally from England, has been (more…)

Ombudsperson replies to letters from public – are you “personally aggrieved” ?


Seniors at Risk has received feedback from members of the public who sent letters to government officials to express their concerns about Jean Wilder, a 60-year-old woman recovering from surgical complications, who is being held unlawfully by B.C.’s Interior Health Authority in an Invermere, B.C. care facility.

People say their letters and requests for action are being ignored or dismissed by officials and politicians. Some feel they are being actively discouraged from raising concerns.

The response from the Ombudsperson’s Office suggests that only Jean Wilder herself can complain. Requests for assistance from human rights and legal aid groups were denied, saying they are either too busy or not interested in (more…)

Public Guardian cited for fraud, abuse of seniors

In the wake of the Jean Wilder case in Invermere, BC, people have sent Seniors at Risk stories implicating the Public Guardian & Trustee of abuse of authority and fraud in managing the estates of seniors who they placed under their control, including:

  • a PGT staff member was convicted of embezzling millions of dollars of real estate and other assets from seniors for whom the PGT was appointed guardian,
  • The Public Guardian & Trustee seized the joint bank accounts of an elderly couple after the husband complained about mistreatment and neglect of his wife by care facility staff, and forced his wife to remain in an institution rather than to be cared for at home with home care, and
  • PGT staff “ransacked” the home of an elderly woman who was under the PGT’s (more…)

Government expropriates rights, freedom, assets

60-year-old Jean Wilder – held by health authorities in care facility


UPDATE:  May 14, 2012  Readers outraged by the Jean Wilder case sent in other similar stories, see:   Public Guardian cited for fraud, abuse of seniors



A 60-year-old wife and mother of two in British Columbia, Canada is being held against her and her family’s will. She was transferred to a residential care facility in February 2012 to recuperate from surgical complications because the health authority said there were no other places or services available. Jean Yukiko Wilder has been denied access to her family and to a lawyer, and has had her real estate assets placed under government control.

Incredibly, all of this is being done without due process, without formal notification to Jean Wilder or her family and, above all, with no explanation or justification. Her family, husband Curtis Wilder, daughter Trina Wilder and her partner Marc Normand, and son Tim Wilder, are reeling from their bewildering and frightening experience, and have tried everything they can to correct the situation.

The rapid escalation of unimaginable events drove the family to register complaints with authorities, to understand the bizarre actions of staff and officials and resolve the situation. Their panic and desperation is evident in their complaints to officials (which can be read below).

Authorities have imposed severe restrictions on Jean Wilder’s rights and freedoms, and on her family, and are not providing any information about what they have done and or the reasons for their actions.


UPDATE:  May 3, 2012  Other cases emerge of seniors held “against their will”

Parksville, BC resident Marie Narraway reports that a friend who was diagnosed with “mild dementia” was “taken to Eagle Park (care facility) against her will.”  Oceanside Star – April 5, 2012


Read full Jean Wilder story below:

The Coalition to Support SENIORS AT RISK

News Release

Residential care facility and Interior Health Authority deny family & lawyer access to 60-year-old woman

April 25, 2012 – Invermere, BC

Jean Wilder, a 60-year-old wife and mother recently transferred to an Invermere residential care facility following surgery, is being denied the right by the Interior Health Authority to have visits by family and friends. Her family insists she is being kept in the care facility without due process, and against her will.

The care facility, Columbia House, and Interior Health Authority (IHA) are refusing to recognize legal authority held by the family, refusing to provide information, and refusing to permit Mrs. Wilder to have access to a lawyer. The facility did not obtain the consent of Mrs. Wilder or any legal representative to be admitted to Columbia House.

“She’s being held against her will, and against our wishes” say her family, husband Curtis Wilder, daughter Trina Wilder and her partner Marc Normand, and son Tim Wilder. “She wants out, so we intend on fulfilling her wishes,” Normand said.

Family members say they were told by the IHA that Mrs. Wilder had to go into the care facility following post-operative complications because there were no other places or services for her. The situation deteriorated a few weeks after Jean was admitted to Columbia House when the care facility demanded pre-authorized payment of fees but refused to provide information about fees charged. Marc Normand, the family member who holds Jean Wilder’s Power of Attorney (POA), refused to sign the contract without first receiving that information.

“Trying to get a list of all possible charges Jean could face was the start of all our trouble. I couldn’t understand why it is a big deal,” says Normand. (more…)

BC’s Ombudsperson report hides worst abuses in residential care

CRITIQUE of the report “The Best of Care” released to the public in February 2012 re the “Inquiry into Seniors Care in BC” launched by the Ombudsperson in 2008.

The Ombudsperson’s report, The Best of Care, in all of its hundreds of pages and four years in the making, makes virtually no mention of the rampant, systemic and deliberate abuse of elderly people and their loved ones by institutional staff and public agencies and authorities.

Despite all the hoopla and attention given to the introduction of a Residents’ Bill of Rights by the Ombud and the BC government mandating that the Rights poster be put up in every care facility, residents in care facilities ­across BC continue to be brutally abused by institutional staff, to have their rights and freedoms taken away from them illegally, and to have control of their assets and legal authority over their person taken over by the government.

The Ombudsperson states in her report (Overview, p.98) The quality of care that seniors receive in residential care facilities is the most significant concern for residents and their families. Yet, in the Ombudsperson’s website the list of Case Summaries, a representative sampling of the cases that her office handled shows that of the 16 representative cases described, only one case was about poor care or abuse by institutional staff.

Why is institutional elder abuse being ignored?

Elderly people and their families and friends are routinely intimidated, screamed at, threatened, and banned. Parents and children prevented from seeing one another. People who’ve been friends for decades suddenly banned from seeing each other because care facility staff don’t want them around. Why would two eighty-year-olds not be allowed to continue their decades-long relationship? Residents live in fear of what staff will do to them when visitors leave the facility. Care facility staff refuse to let resident’s lawyers visit them to establish Representation Agreements. Health (more…)

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