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Legislation alone doesn’t keep people safe
– caring communities do.

                                              Heather von Ilberg



Seniors at Risk is a not-for-profit collaboration of concerned citizens, advocacy groups, and health care and legal professionals who are working together to ensure that people in Canada over 60 years of age are protected from harm, that their rights are fully respected and protected and that they are permitted the opportunity to live life to the fullest of their abilities and wishes.

  • Many of us were drawn to this issue because of concerns for our loved ones.
  • Others have personal experience being harmed by over-medication and/or adverse drug effects, and encountered a disinterested health care or legal system.
  • Some joined in because they were concerned for themselves about the looming prospect of living their lives out, heavily medicated, in an institution.
  • Caring professionals who, on a daily basis, see the harm being done to the elderly courageously stepped up to the plate.
  • And others simply saw there was a need, and joined in to help.

This is what (our) community is all about.

Our experiences, efforts and research have shown that there is a burgeoning epidemic of over-medication of seniors and of institutional abuse, compounded by laws that fail to protect the elderly from abuse of all kinds – especially abuse arising from pharmaceutical drugs and from living in an institutional setting.

Studies show that the elderly are most at risk from these abuses in Canada, the United States and Great Britain. The problems in these countries are remarkably similar, the drugs prescribed to seniors are the same, and the propensity to put seniors into institutions is growing at a similarly alarming rate. Another similarity is the incompetence of the laws in these various jurisdictions in protecting the elderly.

The Seniors at Risk community is the elderly in:

  • Canada,
  • Great Britain, and
  • the United States,

and those who wish to help the elderly live their lives well, in comfort and with dignity.



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