Safer Online Dating

Safer Online Dating

With so many of us having more and more to do, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet people. If you are not interested in the bar scene and are tired of being set up by friends and family members with good intentions, online dating is a good option. After all, you spend quite a bit of your time online already. Why not add finding a date to your list of online activities?

But if going online is a useful experience and a great way to meet the love of your life, there can also be risks. As you learn to ignore the signs of problems and listen to that soft voice in your head, you can move away from these dangers without jeopardizing the promise of online dating.

Get together in a neutral place

If you go out on the first date, do not have the date in your home. This applies regardless of whether met online or not. It’s a bad idea to call a stranger, even a potential romantic partner in your home. Instead, agree to meet you in a neutral place, such as in a restaurant or coffee shop.

Make sure you tell your date what you wear so they can see you in the crowd. If you know each other and know each other well, you can exchange addresses, but the first appointment in a central location is the best strategy.

Set the date for lunch

The night may be a traditional time for dating, but this is not the ideal time for a first date with a stranger that you only know from an online dating profile. Consider for this important first date to schedule a lunch in your favorite restaurant or restaurant recommending the date.  Plan on a weekend or a day off for lunch: you do not want your first date in a hurry.

Google is your friend

Nowadays, you can learn a lot about a person by typing their name into Google and seeing what’s displayed. These photos of a group of drunks or a professional profile on LinkedIn are the result of this general search on the Internet.  If you go out with John Smith or Jane Doe, a simple Google search probably will not do you much. The more information you can include in the search, the better the results. So, if you know where your date is or where you went to school, you can refine your search results.

Trust Yourself

Finally, trust your intelligence when you meet new people. If you meet a potential spouse, a new boss, or just a friend of a friend, your understanding can mean a lot. If that little voice in your head tells you something is wrong with your appointment, listen and stop the discussion after the first meeting.